Work with a stylist begins with a consultation

During the consultation we get to know each other, I get information about lifestyle, hobbies, education and everything that in one way or another can affect taste and style. It is extremely important for me to understand why a person needs consultation: does he really strive for positive changes or just came because a friend was and she liked it?

During the first meeting, I give a set of basic knowledge about the type, suitable colors and silhouettes.

Experience shows that no more than a third of the information is perceived by ear, so within three to four days I prepare a recommendation in writing: the client receives a document with a detailed description of what his wardrobe should look like, what points should be paid attention to, what style techniques will help reveal his personality, etc. The recommendation also includes a section on sources of inspiration, because for a harmonious introduction of style into his own life, the client must understand the general context of the existence of a particular style approach.

But the work does not end there, but only begins

Within three months after the consultation, the client is in touch with the stylist: he has the opportunity to ask questions, send photos from the fitting room or links to their online stores. The stylist gives a quick reaction to all this and helps in the formation of your own style.


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